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With our 6.6kw, 9.9kw & 13.2kw premium packages now on sale, there’s never been a better time to make the switch!

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Improving Australian Homes' Energy Efficiency for 10 Years

Ready to go solar and save? With over 30,000 installs, trust our experienced team of Victorian solar experts to help find the best solution for your home.

We offer a personalised approach, help identify your best savings and perform the full installation and grid connection.

With our 6.6kW, 9.9kW & 13.2kW Premium Panel and Inverter Packages currently on sale, there’s never been a better time to make the switch!

What’s more, all our solar panels carry a minimum 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance guarantee, along with a 5-year warranty on our workmanship.


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How it Works

Receive the best solution for your energy needs, the highest quality product and exceptional ongoing service.

Your Tailored Solution

Start with a quick obligation-free quote. From there, our specialists will design a package to match your energy needs, property and budget. If accepted, have your installation done in under 2 weeks.

Rebates & Planning

We'll ensure you receive any current incentives and rebates. Then confirm your installation plan and schedule, including installation, grid connection and check in.

Installation & Maintenance

Our experienced team will come to install your system, provide full handover and thorough site clean-up once completed. We operate with a local call centre you can contact anytime for support.

Quality Products Built to Last

Our panels and inverters have been chosen for quality and performance, from industry leading manufacturers. These quality products, combined with expert set-up and installation by our experienced team, means you have a system built to provide for years to come.

Warranty-backed Solutions

Rest assured your investment is secure with our range of customer protections, including 12 year product warrenty, 25 year performance guarantee on panels, and 5 year warranty on all workmanship. The solar industry has unfortunately had a history of companies disappearing, making some warranties redundant. We have been proudly serving Australia for 10 years and are confident proving 12 year product warrenty on your product and installation.

Clean Energy Council Approved

The Clean Energy Council provides Australian consumers with a database of certified and trustworthy solar installers. We are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, meaning our installers are certified and trained to provide you with the best system and installation that meets all best practices and Australian Standards.

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We've been raising the bar in the solar industry for 10 years now, helping thousands of Australians save on their bills. You can trust our experienced team to provide quality service and support in your solar journey.

Why Go Solar?

Going solar isn’t just beneficial for your bills. There are many other reasons why choosing to install solar panels is the smart choice.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Long-Lasting Warranties and Guarantees

Achieve Energy Independence

Sell Excess Energy Back to the Grid

Government Rebates and Schemes

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“The team at Unified Energy have far surpassed our expectations and we have no hesitation in recommending them and their services to anyone who wants good service and to be treated with respect and with fairness.”

Sydney Spiteri
, Source: Google Review

“Fantastic service all the way through the solar process. Clear and prompt quotes with the best price I received. Smooth and clean installation with very professional installers. Great follow up, paperwork and assistance. Highly recommended.”

Tom Achilles
, Source: Google Review

“I've had a great experience with UNIfied Energy. I always felt I was dealing with reliable professionals who care about their customers. They provided clear explanations, transparent quotes and helpful advice. They delivered on time, and were very responsive.”

Silvio Montanari
, Source: Google Review

Premium Panel and Inverter Packages - Fully Installed

Save up to $4,857* each year with a premium solar system!



Save Up to $2,428*

12-year product warranty

25-year performance guarantee

5-year warranty on our workmanship

2 Week Install Guarantee

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Save Up to $3,642*

12-year product warranty

25-year performance guarantee

5-year warranty on our workmanship

2 Week Install Guarantee

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Save Up to $4,857*

12-year product warranty

25-year performance guarantee

5-year warranty on our workmanship

2 Week Install Guarantee

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*Estimated Energy Savings: Please refer to the Solar Calculator and Disclaimer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

UNIfied can install your PV system within days of approval. The approvals from your retailer and distributor, however, can take up to 6-8 weeks. UNIfied will keep you informed throughout the approval process. Post installation, UNIfied will organise a third party inspector to sign off on the electrical works and turn your system on. At this point, you will receive the benefit of solar energy in your home (allow 10 to 15 business days for this to be carried out).
A 1kW system needs approximately 10m2, therefore a 5 kW system needs 50m2 and so forth. Panels traditionally range from 1.7 meters high by just under a meter long.
You’ll need a solar compatible switchboard and meter. A meter exchange or re-program may be required after a solar installation. Your UNIfied Energy Specialist will be able to advise you, by viewing an image of your switchboard, as to whether a new switchboard and meter is required.
The solar system will be left switched off until grid connection is completed. After installation, UNIfied will submit the grid connection documents to your electricity distributor, and they will arrange for a bi-directional smart meter to be installed.
Absolutely! We have a dedicated customer service team and in-house A Grade Electricians who are able to respond to all your enquiries. Also, every UNIfied solar PV system comes equipped with an energy monitoring service. This service will highlight your solar savings following an install. It will also show energy usage patterns and other areas for potential savings so that you can maximise the use of your new solar system.
UNIfied is responsible for the first 7 years of your system’s maintenance. The Clean Energy Council suggests a qualified electrician check every 2 years thereafter.
Modules show small reductions in power output after 20 years, mostly because the glass surface dulls and reflects more light. Our solar panels have a minimum 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance guarantee. Our inverters have a 5 year warranty and there is a 5 year warranty on our workmanship.
Using a comparison to a car, the average vehicle in Australia travels 20,000 km per annum, which is equivalent to 3.3 tons of CO2 discharge annually. A 2kW system will prevent 3.3 tons of CO2 being generated through coal fired power generation.

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